Venture to join a small pot shop must operate Raiders

as one of the most popular in the food and beverage market to join the project, small hot pot has been the preference of many investors, every year many entrepreneurs to join the ranks of small hot pot to join the ranks of. Market competition is so fierce, master a certain skill is necessary, we will come to understand the operation of small pot shop raiders.

A review:


as Hot pot shop, its basic characteristics have in common with other catering enterprises, namely, production, sales and service as a whole, consumption. Investors want to engage in Hot pot industry, must do the market research, so you can understand what types of people need to grasp the information, Hot pot, Hot pot flavor characteristics, style, location, population, in specific market areas, start with the characteristics of the Hot pot shop, in order to obtain stable and reliable market share. So, do a good job in the early market research, is the premise to open a hot pot shop decision or investment.

two, Hot pot Market Survey:

(a), the influence factors of Hot pot Market:

Effect of

1 on economic development, including the Hot pot, increased consumer demand for Hot pot, the existence of each grade of existing Hot pot shop Hot pot structural contradictions, social development and national policies and measures for the catering industry plays an important role in the development and the environment change and consumption instability and other major factors.

2, the impact of traditional factors on hot pot, which includes the history of the hot pot, wide, cultural, unique, etc..

Effect of

3 and the surrounding environment on the Hot pot, including the policy environment, such as the establishment of efficient Department security situation, the function and so on; infrastructure, such as the facilities of road traffic, parking location, water and electricity supply, communication network, procurement channels, consumer groups, financial, health and labor is closely related with the operation; preferential measures, such as tax, fees, rent and other aspects of the introduction of talent have preferential policies.

(two), investigation and analysis of source:

1, service object analysis:

(1), occupation characteristics of consumer: general students, migrant workers, ordinary working-class, and senior white-collar workers, civil servants, their consumption habits and consumption level is different;

(2), the age characteristics of consumers: such as the elderly love light, young people taste heavy taste preference recommendation

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