What are the advantages of franchising

with the development of modern economy, franchising is already very common, although it is the mainstream business model in twenty-first Century, but as a kind of management method, he can expand to any industry. The franchisee is due to the purchase of the operating system has been successful, a " can save your business to go through the learning curve; ", including the selection of profit and market and other necessary exploration process, reduce the business risks. The franchisee can have his own company, to master their own income and expenditure. The operating cost of the franchisee is lower than that of other modes of operation, so it can be recovered in a short period of time. The franchisee can be in the location, design, staff training, marketing, etc., to get the help and support of experienced franchisees, so that the operation of a virtuous cycle. Between franchisor and franchisee, is not a competitive relationship, help to expand market share.

: survey shows

? In the United States, 5 years after the new enterprises to create, only 10% survive;

80%? Business franchise in the open after 10 years is still in the growth of


? The United States is currently 45% of the products and services by franchising enterprises to provide


? 60% of the real estate transaction by franchise Real Estate Company turnover.

franchise is different from the independent business model, franchising has more advantages:

? Franchise can absorb more new customers;

? Franchise to retain more customers;

? Franchise can expand the market share;

? Franchise maintained adequate vast profits.

The advantages of the system

? Incentive effect to franchisees stronger;

? Many people and lives by Xu dynamic cooperation relationship;

? There is a market based market development ability;

? Strong responsibility service;

? Both smaller management effort;

reduce management costs;


? Convenience of knowledge and public relations.


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