Chizha electronic technology industry Apple brand share success Revelation

referred to apple, people will no longer simply think of fruit or have smashed Newton’s apple, but will think of the strength of the apple brand. As the electronics industry’s big brand, Apple’s success in the end come from?

now dominate the major electronic industry power Apple Corp what should be the majority of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the place? In this paper, management consultant and trainer as a long-term investor and Apple Corp Apple users and long-term research and service enterprises, the key development path on the apple Jack teacher Liu the driving factors of readers and related discussion.

A, do not take the unusual way of

The development history of

throughout the Apple Corp, from beginning to end Apple product development mode are top-down, some people say Apple’s success is intuitive. In Jobs’s words, "consumers don’t need to know what they want, that’s not their job." Do not ask what consumers want, but directly to consumers with the product impact, which is a consistent style Apple Corp.

always do the market leader, always do the consumer guide, with endless imagination and action to bring consumers endless novelty, the rest need to do is to display products to the world, let the world admire. Apple Corp has developed an unusual development path.

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