Express how much money you need to do to do the preparatory work

The rapid development of

business, the courier industry is becoming the essential service industry, in recent years the development of express is also developing rapidly, many enterprises have entered into the electronic commerce industry, up a business enterprise development, demand for express delivery is also increasing, while the sharp eyed business it also saw a lot of opportunities.

express to join what needs to be done preparatory work for

to join the courier industry, then the first to express to join what needs to be done early work have a basic understanding of. The first is to determine the joining of the courier company, but also have regional restrictions many express to join, so the franchisee must first find their peripheral has not joined the company, and then find out the right to join. The second is the selected office, general express to join needs to have a more spacious stores, so as to store express goods, but also a variety of equipment procurement and delivery requires the use of tools, need to understand this is also in preparation. Finally, the employment of personnel and the determination of the service area and so on, do a good job of these jobs, then courier service is to enter the business stage.

express to join the


express to join the cost is not too high, and now many courier companies also have a number of levels to join in the pre selection, join, join the best first choice of moderate level, open a provide express delivery services to receive and express site, with perfect service, the increase in service time the content of this is also a better development. From the analysis of the current join, express the cost of joining in about 150 thousand is enough, and the express site to store position, do not have much money, in the purchase of equipment is relatively simple, so the investment is moderate. Of course, different courier companies in the cost of joining or have some differences, and linked through the express to join the service headquarters, so how much money or express to join can be well understood, this is also the franchisee should know.

express to join the process

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