Community store operators may wish to make the customer feel at home

in the community to open a shop, this is the flow of people to the community, however, the number of large supermarkets now more and more, so that the operation of the community store is also increasingly difficult. In fact, in order to compete with the big supermarket, community stores will let customers find the feeling of home, take the family and the convenience of the road, and strive to retain customers.

Here I

district basically are mainly young people, the work is very busy, often eat are makeshift. So, here the noodles are the biggest sales of goods, sometimes, they are not busy even the time of boiling water, I would help them put in the pot to cook instant noodles, let them eat at my desk shop. This chat while eating, but also enhance the emotional, so many young people here to me will respect to call me "daddy".

my wife and I love to eat dumplings, usually nothing will pack a lot, can not eat in the refrigerator frozen. Again, under the dumplings, small drive Master Wang came in to buy something, say "eat dumplings see Dad, I just want to have half a year not to eat dumplings". I said, "I have some left here. Take it back." Say that finish, put all the dumplings in the refrigerator to him.

Wang master very feel shy, took out ten yuan of money to me, I tried to argue. Master Wang moved to say: "you gave so much, enough to eat a meal of the." Later, my wife and a total area, are busy, we two old people have nothing thing, many package several varieties of dumplings, so convenient area where customers, also let them feel our store.

since it is a community store, natural is to make everyone really get convenience, so you can give the store to retain more customers. Today, my family every day to more than and 40 pounds per catty dumplings sold, only one yuan of hard costs, not only sell a lot cheaper than the supermarket, and good quality. Customers have benefits, but also to my store in the community to establish a good image.

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