How to open a small dessert fashion secret

in today’s social life, dessert is a lot of people are very fond of food, at the same time, the market now dessert shop business is still quite popular, so open dessert what process? What are the preparations for dessert? Join the shop process.

Fashion of green consumption, let diners love dessert, love life, to enjoy the delicious new customers, so that consumers have more experience in fashion, to bring a different happy mood.



1, dessert shop opening before the preparation

2, market analysis and business survey

a, B market research, dessert dessert dessert, C values survey location selection of

Market Research D, excellent dessert shop

3, dessert shop funds budget and financing

a, the budget required funds B, financing channels C, reduce financing costs

4, dessert shop opening procedures for

a, for business registration B, for tax registration C, apply for a health license D, for the sewage declaration registration

In fact, for many


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