Xining the vanguard of the construction of Tourism Province an interview with Zhao Ningjun

May tulip blooming festival held in May, one after another. Qinghai tourism to build the province, Xining city in front of. Zhao Ningjun, director of Xining Tourism Bureau, said in an interview with this reporter: Xining as a tourist destination in our province, should play a vanguard role."

Zhao Ningjun believes that the development of tourism, the city’s hardware facilities is critical. In recent years, the construction of the city of Xining has been greatly accelerated, urban health is good, more green space, wide road, which is one of the important reasons to attract outsiders. Of course, in the hardware facilities in Xining, there are many "flawed", from this year, the first thing to do is to build eleven vertical and four horizontal traffic network of scenic signs, 15 scenic areas (spots) of public toilets. Only do a good job in the construction of these details, in order to enhance the image of Xining tourism. Tourism, including food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment, and now, Qinghai tourism development is still in a relatively primitive level of tourism, therefore, to extend the industrial chain, vigorously develop tourism products is very necessary. At present, Qinghai has a lot of known tourist commodities, such as Kunlun jade, Cordyceps, carpet, the expansion of the Kunlun jade processing and sales market, rich product quality; to create an international trading center of Qinghai Cordyceps; development of Tibetan carpets, etc. Duixiu Thangka, rich ethnic characteristics of tourism products, to promote Xining tourism economic development role great.

Zhao Ningjun said, Xining 200 km, Qinghai focus on the nature, folklore and cultural tourism products, so in the future, one of the key work of Xining tourism, is the use of radiation in Xining, the series summer tourism circle, carefully nurtured China summer tourism circle, good development, publicity ring within 200 kilometres of Xining attractions.

culture and tourism complement each other, Qinghai is a multi-ethnic region, can be a lot of things to explore. Increase the combination of culture and tourism, to create a more classic performances, so that visitors enjoy the enjoyment of tourism, not only to promote the Qinghai, but also to extend the stay time tourists. The characteristics of scenic spots, but also through the excavation of local culture, showing the characteristics of scenic spots.

As the pillar industry of the third industry,

is the key to the development of tourism. In the future, Xining to implement standardized services, guide and standardize the tourism industry services. At present, Xining has been in the major hotels to carry out the industry service training, this event should also be extended to catering, urban public transportation (taxi) and other industries.

wine have often shouted, "Qinghai tourism must intensify publicity and promotion efforts, which not only refers to the government leading various promotional activities, scenic spots, hotels and other tourism enterprises should strengthen their own propaganda, the courage to go out. (author: Liu Huilan)


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