Xining city to create the picturesque scenery of the four seasons

walked into the West Hill Lane, eyeful golden leaves tell people that autumn has come! Reporters learned that, in recent years, from the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks, Xining city greening work has been upgraded from the simple to the green landscaping, color, flavor, the per capita green area, landscape diversity and plant diversity has put forward higher requirements. At present, Xining city has been gradually showing seasonal flowers in spring, summer, autumn Guanshu foliage and fruit, winter viewing distinct scenery.

Xining: Four Seasons more clear

the degree of color of a city, not only reflects the level of urban greening, more importantly, it also reflects the level of economic development and social progress of the city level. The past two years in the green building in the city of Xining City, in the forest, scenic forest construction, Xining city consciously according to seasonal changes to configuration of tree species, in the north and South Mountain and Green Street, Xining City, a large number of planted poplar, Sophora japonica, apricot, peach, Syringa trees, spring peach, Syringa reticulata tree flowers, let Xining street scene showing the brilliant purples and reds. In autumn, the streets of Sophora japonica, poplar, apricot and other tree leaves into a golden yellow or red, let people feel Xining is autumn, autumn can taste.

Street: autumn leaves are dyed red

autumn, through the Ning Road, Wuyi Road, roadside elm leaves turned red. 54 West Road, where the golden leaves of peach trees rendering the taste of autumn. In the relevant road, Chaoyang Logistics Park planting apricot, can spring flowers, autumn foliage can be planted in the sea; Yan Lu Jin peach, spring flowers in full bloom in the street. In the Huangshui Forest Park, Xishan botanical garden, Huangshui River, Nanchuan River, Lake District and other places also planted a large number of "color" trees and shrubs, the public can also go there to enjoy autumn. In winter, the streets no greenery poplar proudly tall and straight, handsome Hale branches, have a different kind of beauty, the beauty of shock. These can let the public feel Xining amorous feelings.

Street color for the public to provide a visual feast". In addition, Xining city greening also increased the intensity of incense, lilac, rose, peony, Huang Cimei and other fragrant plant widely cultivated in the streets, not only beautiful city, and make people feel more comfortable. (author: small words)

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