Xining City the ancient city of Taiwan office to send a bag of warm water a bucket of oil

  January 12th 9 am, Li Guiying, aged 69, accompanied by her daughter out of the door, along the way the mother and daughter laughing and talking. On the way, every community residents, she will be greeted enthusiastically: "today the ancient city of Taiwan office to send new year of flour and oil, I want to get!"

9:45, Li Guiying and his daughter rushed to the provincial capital of Bona square, where a lot of people have gathered, and they are the same as Lee, are the ancient city of Taiwan region of the masses. The ancient city of Taiwan Office held love flying – Charity Day donation and focus to send warm activity is about to begin.

gathered together to greet each other, "you’re here!" Yeah! I did not expect people so worried about us, and it also baking oil." "This event is really good, we are to solve the most practical problems."……

gave me a warm home

10 am, after a brief ceremony, the staff in accordance with the name of the list for the masses to send condolences, Li Yuhong did not come?" "Come on, come on." Li Yuhong stepped forward, while the signature on the list, said: "the truth to thank you, such a cold day, but also to give us warm, really not easy!" The staff handed her flour and oil, and asked: "can you put it on? If not, we’ll give you a hand." "To put it on, do not bother you, thank you!" Li Yuhong hastened to thank. Li Yuhong said that she had no formal work, after the death of her husband, her whole family burden by a bear, the children still in school, life is hard, even though a bag of flour, a barrel of oil can not solve the fundamental problem, but she said: "these things are sent to my warm."

low family waiting to say "thank you"


over sixty years old into the flour, the flour onto his shoulders a sigh of relief. "Oh, you be careful, so much older, not tired." Staff rushed to help her hold the flour, from her shoulders to get down, you do not worry, we will send someone back to you." The old man hold the flour, hand picked up the oil, "no, you give me the flour, I thank to you, but then I will send, too much!" The old man insisted on carrying flour. The staff fail to beat the old man, had sent escorted the elderly, for she carry oil, so the old man is not willing to walk and push the staff: "Oh, you go back, I can go back……"

Xu Huan is a low assurance, after receiving flour, has been standing on the scene did not leave, some people who asked him to go, he waved his hand and said: "you go first, I have something to do." About ten minutes later, Xu Huan saw some of the people who got a little flour, he walked to the front of the staff, solemnly said "thank you", this just leave the scene. It turned out that when Xu Huan received flour, too many people, too busy staff, he did not have time to thank.

square, everywhere you can see people get sympathy, each bag of flour, a bucket of clear;

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