Xining Local Taxation Bureau to clean up and standardize the service industry tax collection and man

to strengthen taxadministration and improve the quality of tax collection and administration, increase the fiscal revenue, local tax bureau of Xining city decided in June 22nd to October 15th to carry out clean up and standardize the service industry and entertainment industry tax collection and management work, in order to solve the masses of service industry and entertainment industry in the aspects of the invoice.


specification for cleaning services, tax collection and management work of the entertainment industry is focused on catering, accommodation, bathing, beauty salons, photographic industry, service industry, entertainment industry in song and dance halls, nightclubs, bars, tea. Mainly related to the household registration management, business, business, entertainment and the cancellation of registration management, non normal households, not up to monitor management point of the user, the cleaning louguanhu duty check; daily management, fixed households households audit collection management and there is no sign, less levy, levy more taxes all kinds of non-standard use; taxpayers selling invoice invoice, in violation of the provisions of the tax department has no behavior; beyond the authority making or alternative tax laws, tax exemption and refund of tax, there is no preferential policies are not implemented. Through strict collection and standardized management, Xining Local Taxation Bureau will be able to do all the receivables.


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