Xining registered trademark breakthrough 5000

Reporters from the city in January 13th Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that last year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau mark foster as the focus, vigorously promote the brand echelon training program, helping to guide enterprises to apply for registration of the trademark, and actively help enterprises striving for well-known, famous and well-known trademarks, through a series of efforts, the city’s total registered trademark exceeded 5000.

is reported that, in order to further build the characteristics of Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau brand, the development prospects, mature enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households as a registered trademark of nurturing, through seminars, visits and other ways to improve the enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households registered trademark consciousness, 2013 new breed 1530 trademarks, trademark filing 965, accounting for annual 63% of the total cultivated trademark. In addition to the new object to foster a number of trademarks, the business sector will also have a registered trademark of the enterprise as a good brand cultivation area, have a certain market well-known trademark and key support, formulate specific training program, only last year to cultivate area 300 trademarks, identified 112. In addition, the business sector also has a certain choice of conditions, the development potential of the enterprise as the focus on the implementation of brand strategy, according to cultivate a group of reserves, consolidate and develop a group, grow a number of ideas, the establishment of key trademark reserve, and appoint liaison respectively into the trademark was identified as "chi (the name" trademark), nurturing object enterprises, guide enterprises to brand operation and management as the main line of business, guide enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises with brand.

up to now, the city has a total of 5307 registered trademarks. Among them, 9 well-known trademarks, well-known trademarks of the 38, well-known trademarks of 54, a good trademark of 112.


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