Xining Federation of trade unions for employees to send the soul chicken soup

These days, Xining City Union invited psychological experts to do psychological counseling seminars for employees of the park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone enterprises, involving employees of the physical and psychological, emotional and behavioral indicators, nearly a hundred employees of 19 enterprises benefit from.

a few days of lectures, psychology professor Hou Guangyan from the Qinghai Normal University with a large number of cases, the current situation of staff overall mental health, specifically from the physiological indexes, emotional index, psychological index and the behavior index analysis common employee’s psychological pressure and negative emotion identification methods, and how to self decompression, ease the psychological pressure and mood explaining management counseling. Many employees said that Professor Hou cited a large number of cases in real life, to explain the problems they encountered in life and work for their future production and life to provide a lot of help.

Xining City Federation of relevant responsible person said, for the enterprise staff counseling courses, Xining City Federation of trade unions on a beneficial attempt to the humanistic care and psychological counseling, to help enterprises and workers to establish mental health awareness, optimizing the psychological quality, enhance psychological adjustment ability, alleviate the psychological pressure of the workplace, employees with a positive and healthy attitude towards various problems encountered in the production and life. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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