Xining traffic police to carry out the guardian angel action

in order to further improve the traffic safety education in primary and middle school students, constantly enhance the traffic safety consciousness of the students, effectively prevent and reduce traffic accidents in primary and middle school students, recently, Xining city traffic police detachment to "Shudu Chang" hundred days special rectification action as the starting point, pay close attention to the school bus safety supervision, strict regulation of the campus surrounding traffic environment. Actively carry out student traffic safety publicity and education work, and carry out the "guardian angel", promoting students to develop a good habit of consciously abide by the road traffic safety laws and regulations, and consciously resist all kinds of traffic violations, enhance self-protection ability.

on the school bus dragnet investigation. City traffic police detachment vehicle administration in accordance with the provisions of the school bus management and other relevant requirements, the establishment of the school bus and driver management ledger, each school bus driver information itemized check. At the same time, and actively carry out traffic safety hazard to the school bus safety inspection and rectification on the road, vehicle tires, seats, safety escape device, vehicle dimensions, body reflective logo, lateral part protective device and other key projects, strict inspection, found the problem immediately rectification, to prevent the problem of vehicles on the road. Failing to comply with the provisions of the inspection, the need to participate in motor vehicle inspection, traffic violations have not been handled, has exceeded the mandatory retirement period, about to be forced to scrap the school bus, shall be ordered to rectify.

comprehensive management of traffic environment around the campus. The area of the traffic police brigade to school roads surrounding the temporary road parking saturation, traffic flow, the actual security risks exist, the establishment of nursing school in the school and the surrounding area road, docking vehicle parking order to send students management. In the investigation of the school bus overcrowding, orderly parking vehicles and other traffic violations at the same time, the timely traffic, in order to ease the traffic flow and traffic to send their children to school to work to bring traffic pressure, ensure that the school peripheral road traffic safety, smooth and orderly. And the campus surrounding traffic lights set up a comprehensive inspection, according to the current traffic demand in a timely manner to optimize the traffic signs, markings and correction of the painting.

strengthen the sense of traffic safety. With civilized traffic action plan, the area of the brigade actively contact the education sector into primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, by hanging banners, traffic on campus posters, distributing promotional materials and other forms of traffic safety publicity, strengthen students’ traffic safety consciousness, responsibility consciousness, law consciousness. The brigade also produced publicity boards, batches of turns in the primary and secondary schools in the tour, and sent the students to explain the publicity for the students on traffic safety lessons, called on students to abide by the traffic regulations, to ensure the safety of travel at the same time in consciousness, but also some not the traffic behavior of persuasion, and jointly safeguard the public good the traffic order, to improve the traffic safety consciousness of the whole society’s civilization.


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