The Eleventh China Beijing nternational Cultural & Creative ndustry Expo exhibition opening in our

10 27, the opening of the Eleventh China Beijing international cultural and Creative Industry Expo in Beijing. 28 cultural enterprises in our province to a strong folk style, China shine the main exhibition international exhibition center. Vice governor Cheng Lihua visited the exhibition in our province on the opening day.

from the first session of the Beijing fair, the province to participate in the annual group. The fair will be jointly organized by the Provincial Cultural Press and publication department and the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture government. Exhibition to the United States and the United States and Qinghai, the cultural capital of Sanjiang, the source of the Holy Yushu as the theme, organized a total of 28 cultural enterprises in the province’s exhibition activities. Exhibits related to 8 categories, more than 6 thousand varieties, including hand-painted Thangka, Tibetan black pottery, Tibetan embroidery, ethnic costumes, cattle and sheep wool weaving, painting, painting, filigree villi Tibetan jewelry, souvenirs etc..

exhibition in our province, Yushu cultural enterprises "leading role", a total of 18 exhibitors. Through the characteristics of cultural products exhibition and exhibition, non heritage heritage site skills and artistic performances and folk song and dance performances, etc., to show the beauty of the United States and Qinghai cultural and artistic charm. The cultural enterprises in our province will be through this platform, learn from the advanced culture industry development idea and experience, expand our province characteristics of cultural products market space, promote Qinghai cultural industry to achieve cross regional exchanges and cooperation in wider areas.

eleventh Beijing Fair will continue until the end of this month, the end of 30, jointly organized by the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and the Beijing Municipal People’s government.


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