How to avoid the risk of investment in chafing dish

in China, the population of the world’s 1/4 largest populous country, eating is always a problem that people must pay attention to, but also because of the population, the catering industry is bound to have a huge market demand. Snack food cuisine is one of the very popular food items. Hot pot noodle is a kind of public consumption, many of them are bustling, it seems as if investment can make money, in fact, this is just beautiful to look at, any industry there is a certain risk, and the world did not lose the truth is the same, so how to effectively avoid the Hot pot meters line investment risk of


investment hot pot how to avoid the risk of rice

To avoid the risk of

, analysis of the status quo, actually is to recognize the problem of the market Hot pot noodle, and the future direction of development, recognizing the situation, can effectively avoid risks, are now the market situation:

Hot pot noodle

first, hot pot rice noodle companies and capital to bet on

In order to meet the

within the agreed time limit on gambling conditions, to reduce the threshold to join and blindly accept the investment of investors out of control checks is not strict and the rapid expansion of the management, resulting in losses to join with the collapse of a large area of the shop.

two, hot rice noodle enterprise strategic transformation, from steady brand to brand output.

in the cause of the rising phase of the most Hot pot noodle business. They are not willing to brand output, instead of self steering from brand to brand output, more show that the Hot pot noodle business may have encountered the bottleneck, corporate profits may have in the next phase of the parabola, so the brand output may be the final struggle to get the brand value.

three, dressed in hot pot rice coat illegal fund-raising

this type of investors need to pay, do not need to participate in the actual operation, you can enjoy the profit sharing. The author believes that China’s hot pot rice noodles under the risk of illegal fund-raising in the field may be a public offering of rice pot model.

four, hot pot rice vermicelli to join the brand wheel tactics

on a number of franchise businesses conducted field research data, found that the current mainstream franchise model, in fact, there is a great deal of deception. Especially in the two or three and four tier cities, the commercial complex of the whole layer of nearly 10 hot pot noodle business, but there may be only the boss of the two. Why? In fact, this is because investors are most keen on field trips, and these are the brand model of the output of the store.

five, food safety risks

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