Founder of the failure how to face your angel investors

lead: look at the three founders of treatment failure in different ways, and finally get what kind of courtesy, this is a precious lesson. Seriously treat every investor, regardless of the size of the investment



Ometria founder and CEO Ivan Mazour, by Forbes

in my participation in the more than and 20 angel investment projects, there are 3 in this I see no echo, three different conditions between entrepreneur and angel investor. This is a very valuable experience for me, because my own company Ometria, there are more than 30 angel investors.

if you can with absolute respect, honesty and openness as the principle to treat your angel, then you will not only live in peace, and can help you to build a more solid relationship.

case 1

the aspiring entrepreneur does not have a technical background, but has a wealth of experience in team management and related industries. He has a strong affinity and strict character, enough to get the respect of team members. At the beginning of the business, his team members out of a lot of money, and then introduced a seed investment, I have a part. The board of Directors consists of two founders and one investor.

other investors usually only through the board of investors to understand the company’s recent development, rather than through two founders. Only to have the opportunity to contact the company’s founder and the whole team opportunities, only when invited to participate in the company party, these parties are usually held in some luxury restaurants and clubs, but also on the spot delivery of high-end gifts.

but after the company’s business has encountered an unusually fierce market competition, the unit is not ideal economic efficiency, the company quickly used up all the cash and even unable to carry out the next round of financing. In this case occurred a month ago, you also received all the smooth running of the company investors, said there are funds to enter, investors can also follow up. Can we still feel when everything was kept in the dark in smooth water, suddenly received a notice in the mail to the winding up of the company.

in this case, investors have threatened to sue, angry mail followed. The founder then called me and said, "Why are you doing this, the board made such a tough decision, I had to fire my entire team, and it was horrible." Rupture of all relationships, we return in low spirits.

case 2

two founders, young and energetic and outstanding achievements. Some of the most sought after investors were involved in the company’s first round of financing, including a key figure in Ometria. The business of the company is "social", so it is easy to do

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