After the holiday to work number one are busy

In February 14th, the first working day of the end of the Spring Festival holiday, our province each bureau of the "top leaders" early to enter the office, be devoted to work. Yesterday morning, the city newspaper reporter walked into the provincial part of the unit, take a look at the first day of work, leaders who are busy.

the provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Luo Songda: the first thing to work after the Spring Festival, is to lead the team members to all departments to check and pay New Year’s call, gang case. A year’s plan is in the spring, we are going to work from the first day of the new year, to adapt to the new normal, grasp the new requirements, to achieve new." Luo songtak wow said, 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the provincial government attaches great importance to the development of civil administration, timely development of pension services, improve the social assistance system, the establishment of disabled persons living allowances and severe disabilities care subsidy system, improve the elderly subsidies four home business included in this year’s "ten things" special arrangements, to increase efforts to promote and create good conditions for speeding up the development of the Civil Affairs Department of civil affairs, so on to go all out of service for the masses.

by Zhagang condolences to subordinates9,

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