Following the general trend of public opinion to speed up the transformation of villages

August 15th, the mayor of Wang Yubo, east of the town of Cao Zhuang village and other villages in the transformation of the site, supervision and inspection of the transformation of urban construction work. Wang Yubo stressed that accelerating the transformation of villages, is the need to improve the people living and quality of life, is to promote the city, is the need to enhance the quality of the city, the municipal government to conform to the trend of development, to respond to popular opinion of the people’s livelihood project. All localities and departments should fully grasp the favorable opportunity to grab the country to promote the construction of new urbanization, and resolutely implement to speed up the transformation of villages of the municipal government issued the implementation of the views of good, based on fully listen to public opinion, full respect for public opinion, unswervingly to accelerate the pace of transformation Chengzhongcun, ensure that the farmers do a solid, do well.Area

Wang Yubo quality to the engineering supervision in the construction site of the Cao Zhai village Party Secretary Liu Guohai detailed understanding of the villagers of the city village renovation advice, when he heard Liu Guohai said the villagers on the village, live in new homes are looking forward, very concerned pointed out that housing is an important guarantee and reflect the quality of life, people look forward to the government, seriously to do, work hard to run. Chengdong district government will continue to take this chance to make full use of the policy of leveraging resources, accelerate the pace of transformation of existing villages, improve planning, financing, village reconstruction task as soon as possible to start the remaining village, and strive to lead the transformation of villages in the city to complete the task. To be in full accordance with the municipal government to determine the affordable housing, shanty towns transformation objectives and tasks, and resolutely implement the good operating rate, physical investment two rigid targets. To co-ordinate the planning, improve the village public service facilities, promote the reform of the household registration system in the transformation of the village, to promote equalization of public services. Plan a good farmer occupation skill training and subsequent employment problems, so that farmers can also enjoy housing. Strict quality management of new village housing. Advocate to encourage farmers to participate in the whole process of the third party identity Village Housing Quality Supervision, common to the quality of the new village housing.

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