Acres of barley orders settled in Huangyuan County

recently, led by the Huangyuan County Agriculture Bureau, Beijing jinfer Suntech Technology Development Co Ltd, Xining Wanfeng characteristics of agricultural marketing cooperatives and Qinghai sun Shannon animal husbandry science and technology development limited liability company signed a million acres of barley farming project. The mountain of Huangyuan county is located at the eastern end of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, upper reaches of Huangshui River, is a combination of East agricultural region of Qinghai province and western animal husbandry area, the crop planting area of 330 thousand acres, 40 thousand acres of planting barley, barley planting area is located in the county at the altitude of 2950–3300 meters in elevation, planting varieties of Chai, green No. 1 Kunlun No. 13, and No. 3 yellow belly Beijing this year, barley seed degree reached 97.8%, the total yield of 10 million 400 thousand kg of barley, the price from the original 1.8 yuan / kg up to now 2.6 yuan / kg.

it is understood that ten thousand acres of barley agricultural order, customer demand, to achieve from the seeds, planting, field management, purchasing, warehousing, logistics, processing and process monitoring, the formation of "order agriculture cooperation mode of government + enterprise + cooperative + farmers", and improve the production, sale, processing one-stop complete the industrial chain, the formation of high-quality barley scale and regional planting, promote the development of the whole industry chain strategy for enterprises to boost the local agricultural policy development, provides a powerful starting point for agricultural production and farmers’ income. (author: Wang Lianjun)


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