Beijing Xining military hospital in the benefit of the people

December 27th, Xining city health construction ushered in a great thing: the Health Bureau of the First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital and medical aid signed a cooperation agreement, the official opening of the Beijing and Xining new era and to promote the development of health service in Xining city. This also means that in the future, people do not have to go far from the capital Beijing, will be able to enjoy the domestic first-class medical services.

over the years, Xining city health development has made considerable progress, but because of the historical reasons and the situation of the western underdeveloped area, Xining city health service scale, service level, especially the lack of quality medical resources, can not effectively meet the growing demand for health services. The First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital, is a three – class hospital, which has a strong technical personnel, complete clinical disciplines, advanced equipment and advanced medical treatment. The hospital with "knowledge innovation, benefit the army Huimin" as the concept of development, trauma surgery, Department of orthopedics, critical care medicine, emergency treatment as the focus, in Beijing and even the whole country has a certain influence.

According to

reports, First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital and the Municipal Health Bureau in hand, will be based on the health situation of Xining City, in the hospital management, personnel training, discipline construction, technological innovation and other aspects of comprehensive assistance, the leader and the backbone of the business to focus on training. At the same time, the First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital will also regularly send experts to Xining City medical institutions to carry out academic lectures, teaching rounds, consultation and other activities, to provide first-class medical services to the masses, to promote the Xining city health service to a new level. (author: Sheng Nan)

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