opened the green Gansu and Sichuan province traffic times

As soon as possible to get through Qinghai to the mainland to fast track, Sichuan Province and Gansu Province at the junction of the two network traffic more smooth, according to the provincial government proposed in Sichuan Province and Gansu border area launched a major strategic deployment and the revitalization of peace project, the province decided since 2014 to start the implementation of the green road for a period of three years border areas of Gansu and Sichuan provinces transportation development action plan, comprehensively accelerate the green Gansu and Sichuan provinces traffic infrastructure construction border area, smooth traffic to support the green Gansu and Sichuan provinces faster economic and social development in border areas. This reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in April 21st.

together to create practical advantages in line with provinces transportation network reported that the traffic infrastructure Sichuan Province and Gansu border area is relatively weak, restricted the development of economy and society, especially since the western development, the regional transport needs to further increase, there is an urgent need to strengthen mutual cooperation, information sharing, together to build a transportation network with advantage the actual development of the provinces. Green, Gansu and Sichuan provinces are close neighbors, since ancient times, close contact, frequent exchanges, only two lines of Gansu Province, the junction of up to more than 2 thousand kilometers, the province has a total of 15 provinces. Further open up the junction of the three provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai highway, for the full play the overall function of the road network to promote regional economic development has an important role.

development plan covers 7 counties in our province about 350 thousand people to speed up the development of highway traffic, improve the basic public service level and guarantee ability of transportation, the provincial transportation department to promote the revitalization and safe construction, and commissioned to carry out "green Gansu and Sichuan provinces at the junction of highway traffic development planning" and "the green area of Gansu and Sichuan provinces at the junction area of highway traffic the development plan of action", to further clarify the objectives, key tasks, highway traffic development policies and measures and implementation steps, covering Huangnan, Zeku, Henan, Tongren, Jianzha 4 county and Guoluo, Jigzhi banma, 3 dari County, an area of about 49 thousand and 500 square kilometers, involving a population of about 354 thousand people.

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