Difficult workers in Xining may apply to the trade unions to study technical fees paid by the trade

have proficiency in a particular line is one of the odds of migrant workers in February 11th, good news from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, the difficulties workers can apply learning techniques to the union, the union to pay tuition.

in the face of the increasing number of migrant workers and the lack of skills in the actual situation, the Xining Federation of trade unions actively carry out technical training. At present, the establishment of employee skills training base has been in the provincial sports driving school, Qinghai Oriental cooking school, Ning Xi tea and other 10 enterprises. Laid-off workers, migrant workers and their children to the difficulties workers unions for learning driving, cooking, hairdressing, cutting, tea and other skills, but also may apply to the unit where the trade union or community trade unions, trade unions by the district audit, participate in training in the training base designated by the Federation of trade unions.



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