Chinese anti cancer association cancer expert west line into Xining

7 21, from China anti cancer association, anticancer association, medical association cancer symposium, Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Qinghai University hosted "Chinese Cancer Society Cancer experts western" activities into the Xining clinic and academic lectures held anticancer activities, to enhance the level of our province to improve cancer treatment, cancer patients and related groups of positive attitude for cancer treatment the.

tumor has become the first killer of human in twenty-first Century. With the increasing incidence of cancer, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the health and quality of life. The event invited to vice president, Chinese Academy of engineering, Fan Daiming and many other well-known cancer experts and scholars, to communicate and discuss the latest advances in cancer prevention work; to our province medical workers to teach the treatment of new ideas and methods for tumor diagnosis and treatment norms held close clinic consultation for patients in our province to carry out the tumor, cancer prevention knowledge the mass communication, I can stay at home to enjoy the domestic first-class medical expert service.

national famous tumor experts remind me of tumor patients, in fact, most of the tumors can be cured in the early. Most of the patients with malignant tumor have advanced stage and have lost the best time to cure the tumor. Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are the keys to improve the cure rate.


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