Xining 54 Street Transformation a street of the two king

August 15th, Xing Hai Lu community masses in the model of knowledge contest. Xining city year work has now entered the final stage, the model will benefit thousands of households, through extensive publicity, greatly enhance the awareness rate of our city year, public participation has been greatly improved. How do the figure for the west area of the community knowledge contest model. Public photography

Road, the head of the stability of the generous, casual fashion Road, two different styles will be displayed in a street. The author from the West District Urban Construction Bureau was informed that this year the district plans to invest 50 million yuan on the 54 street to conduct a comprehensive transformation, after the transformation of the 54 Street will change the monotonous past style, showing different charm in the work area, leisure area.

to build a modern commercial road

It is reported that

, 54 street, 1953 meters long, 38 meters wide, on both sides of the street because of buildings in different construction, there are uneven, on 50s a century building, color and material of buildings and infrastructure lack of unified coordination, resulting in the overall appearance is not the street. This transformation involves the roadways, sidewalks, street greenbelt, sketch, facade and other commercial street, to ensure clean and beautiful and orderly, and create a new era of the city, Commercial Road West District building full of modernization, and building administrative office environment harmonious, quiet and comfortable.

colleagues on both sides of different styles

the whole process of the transformation of the main consideration of regular billboards, in the architectural design of its location, to prevent the billboard placement. In the design, the function and style of the whole street are unified, and the colleague road is the boundary point.

Tongren Road West for the business interface, this section is mainly commercial entertainment and other functions, set shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, culture and tourism, and other functions in one integrated place. According to the nature and function of the concrete block, the pavement type suitable for the block is chosen. On the whole to consider the main warm tone, the form is more lively, jumping, lively, to foil the atmosphere of commercial entertainment, gathered popularity.

Tongren Road East to the administrative office interface, the whole lot to the main color, form relatively simple atmosphere, the streets reflect the solemn atmosphere, create administrative office area harmonious, quiet, comfortable, calm environment.

to a variety of architectural styles to be retained, in color, form and pavement to be unified treatment, to achieve harmony and unity. After the transformation of the sidewalk to cancel unnecessary roadside parking, reset the pavement, with light gray with blue point granite paving, gives a quiet feeling of calm. To the green belt with the separation of the road space and square space, a row of elm trees, the road on both sides of the four rows of trees, trees appeared in the promenade landscape. To reset the street home, re install green lighting, leisure benches, landscape art pieces, etc., to provide pedestrian residence, open square. (author:   Yao Meng)  

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