West Railway Station to implement the civil aviation security process

"Hello, please extend your arms and turn your body." West Railway Station entrance security department, security personnel with security equipment to check one by one into the pit. This year Shuyun train station implementation of civil aviation security procedures for passengers carrying goods have more stringent restrictions.

is now the implementation of the civil aviation security measures, the implementation of the passenger and the carrying of a person does not leak, one does not leak security, although many passengers do not understand, but this is conducive to the safe operation of the train. Passengers carrying lighters, hair gel, perfume and other items are a number of control, beyond a certain range, can not be brought into the car." West Railway Station passenger workshop Xu said.

according to reports, according to the provisions of the "Regulations" of railway passenger transportation, flammable liquid, pyrotechnic products, knives, liquefied gas items, firearms and ammunition, animal and chemical goods, are not brought into the station can take the car. The train station comes Shuyun peak, average day can seize seventy or eighty knife, and some nail polish, hair gel and other cosmetics. (author: Ni Xiaoying)


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