West 5 years to build the rule of law demonstration area

the morning of November 5th, West District held the rule of law to promote the construction of the Western Conference, the meeting stressed that the west district will target at a higher starting point to identify the west to promote the rule of law, and strive to achieve in 2018 to build the city’s legal construction demonstration area goal. A target of four
location for further construction of the new West End strength, rich masses, city beauty and social stability ", the west area of constructing a new platform of rule of law to a new starting point, and comprehensively promote the construction of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and party. In accordance with the deployment of the municipal government to deepen the rule of law in Xining construction work, Chengxi District in the west, West Peace promoting the rule of law construction will explore some experience and practices around the general requirements of "one goal, four position" to promote the construction of the western rule of law.
– a goal: in 2018 to build the city’s legal construction demonstration area.
– four location:
create justice satisfaction area. To adhere to the judicial fairness and justice as the soul of the work, to promote fair and open to the public trust tree, fair trial, police, making full disclosure of all sectors of society and judicial organs satisfaction and basic satisfaction rate reached more than 95%; standardize judicial practices, improve the quality of personnel, quality stable and excellent cases, law related complaint and petition dropped; adhere to the procedure and the entity of both the organic unity of the outcome of the case to pay more attention to the legal effect and social effect, do the case knot things, and.
create social management innovation zone. To strengthen the organization construction, grid management, information support, built three social management service integrated information platform, the formation of Social Management District Commission, town (Office), community (Village) a stability maintenance work center (station), community grid information acquisition point of organizational structure.
create universal law of harmonious region. High standard to promote the "65 five-year plan, to strengthen legal education, legal publicity" eight "activities form the normalization mechanism, cadres take the lead in studying, the masses consciously abide by the law has encountered a problem of law, to solve the problem by law, the legal quality subtly enhanced in latent, truly the government administration according to law, cadres to the maintenance of stability, the masses to petition, civil rights law.
rule of western construction grasp the key link
"rule of western construction outline" put forward clearly, and strive to use five to seven years, the basic goal of comprehensively promote the rule of law in fall;

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