Questionnaire into the north of the city of the people of the same city

corner corners of the sanitary dead no spitting, less, more and more beautiful in the street…… With the continuous deepening of the work of the city, the quality of the public continues to improve, the implementation of the cadres of the organs significantly improved, urban quality and civilization to a new level. In recent days, the north of the city in the household survey activities, the majority of residents have since the founding of the city in the north of the social harmony and healthy development of the road on the road to the great changes issued heartfelt praise.
in the survey, most of the residents reflect the North: "a city seems very far away from us, but actually very close to us. The city has a city, street law enforcement staff, vendors blocked road vehicles parked disorder was less; sanitation workers, sanitation workers more, littered less; many volunteers, uncivilized phenomenon less." (author: Zhang Guoxing right Fan Shengdong)


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