Qinghai national fitness center upgrade will bring four changes

As a key cultural Huimin project in Xining Province – Qinghai National Fitness Center renovation and upgrading of state-owned land on the housing levy is being carried out in an orderly manner. The Xining public health, culture and leisure, shopping malls and other sports facilities in one, carrying the Xining city cultural quality, improve the service functions of the city’s major infrastructure construction projects, from the beginning of the project has attracted wide public interest. November 26th, the reporter learned that, after the completion of the new fitness center, will bring four major changes in the city of Xining and the general public. The change of fitness facilities: the newly built national fitness center building area of about 300 thousand square meters, a 10 on the ground floor of the sports center, maximize all sports; Xiachenshiguangchang with its excellent safety performance, will become a good place for autumn and winter fitness public swimming pool facilities; the tennis hall, and other venues will also appeared together, Qinghai province has become the largest and most advanced facilities of national fitness venues and sports theme complex. The change of leisure experience: the new fitness center will be the first choice for public recreation and fitness, not only to attract the public facilities of the fitness facilities, the green ground to expand, improve the supporting facilities for the public, showing a park like strolling entertainment, fitness, shopping, leisure and entertainment one of the National Fitness Center, will bring new people feel the construction of leisure. Changes in traffic patterns: traffic congestion, parking difficulties, traffic flow and traffic is the original fitness centers around the face of prominent problems. The national fitness center in the new "borrowed" to the underground space, will build a 1295 space three underground parking lot in the field of underground, and in the West and north of the opening of the 4 lateral to the underground garage entrance, to facilitate public access at the same time, the vehicle restrictions present museum periphery, effectively alleviate traffic the pressure around the stadium, people hunhang car will become history. Living conditions change: the original fitness center in 80s and 90s 6, the last century building, in order to completely change the living conditions of residents, the national fitness center in the new process, the original old building demolition by the replacement property of new residents, in 2016 is expected to be back here, the whole new high-rise residential occupancy from 51.06 to 6 square meters, 161.3 square meters apartment layout optimization, will meet the housing needs of different residents. At present, the project involves the public has by the demolition of the entire agreement is completed, more than 80% of households have signed a compensation agreement, three years after the residents will move back to the site.  

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