Xining industrial and commercial renovation of the surrounding environment of substandard food and s

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to understand, to protect students’ consumption safety, from February 20th to early March, the Xining city industry and commerce departments at all levels will carry out the campus surrounding environment special rectification activities, focus on examination of the Xining City Campus surrounding small shops and stalls and other business field, sales of "three noes" food, fake food the unqualified, school supplies business households to heavy penalties or in accordance with the law.

it is understood that the special inspection of the focus of remediation schools and the surrounding food store, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and whether the management, whether the sale of expired metamorphism, three noes food, substandard school supplies, the implementation of supervision and quantitative grading management and the purchase and sale of food from purchase ledger, certificate and invoice approval system food hygiene, commodity compulsory certification marks are complete. (author: Wu Yachun)


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