Understanding and thinking of the six plus four model of honest and clean government culture

since the 17th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the construction of clean government culture. The Central Committee issued "to establish a sound education, system and supervision system of punishing and preventing corruption in the implementation of the program" clearly stated, "we should vigorously promote the construction of clean government culture, actively promote honest pride, to corruption as disgrace." Therefore, the use of the cultural appeal, multi-level, multi-channel, all-round strengthening the construction of clean government culture, for in the whole society to carry forward the idea of improving the consciousness, advocate the moral, to create the atmosphere, has a special important role and significance to prevent the occurrence of corruption. Strengthen the construction of clean government culture, give full play to the construction of clean government culture jizhuoyangqing, uphold the function of ideological field to advanced and clean government culture with health, helps to develop the excellent tradition and style, to resist various decadent ideology, to help the majority of Party members and cadres to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values and right view, view of status, interests, build a strong ideological and moral line, improve the ability of resisting corruption, maintain the advanced nature of the Communist party.

first, the achievements of the establishment of clean government culture in Datong County

county Party organizations at all levels to carry out a wide range of clean government culture "into six" activities, activities to fully mobilize and inspire the whole society to participate in the cadres and the masses, and actively explore ways and innovative forms, rich content, expand the carrier, and actively guide the county Party members and cadres and the masses to learn, use of low-cost, low-cost, low-cost tree worship, creating a strong the missionary work pattern. Has made great achievements and accumulated a lot of valuable experience.     one is organs tree atmosphere "thick". According to the characteristics of the industry and the actual, in the various departments and county units to carry out a wide range of activities of the cultural construction of the rich and colorful. County Water Authority, forestry bureau, social insurance bureau, county housing and Construction Bureau, Jingyang town government, the township government has roots in the office and corridor hung with pictures and the warning posters and slogans, the party and government of the unit to open, each unit of each organization staff watch warning education not less than 5 times, to carry out the warning education not less than 3 times, in the county authorities formed a thick atmosphere of low-cost low tree worship. Two is a form of school education live". In order to strengthen the ideological and moral education of minors as the starting point, the clean government culture into campus culture, into the classroom teaching, accurately grasp the point of integration to the education and the classroom education, educate and guide students to firmly establish the honest pride in the ideological and moral concepts. One in six, Datong Garden Primary School and other campus suspension and posted to the aphorisms as the main content of the propaganda posters and pictures in the campus library dedicated to the creation of the "the bookcase", to carry out the culture as the theme of the singing, painting and calligraphy exhibition, the story of the activity, lets the student in the flexible the activities of perception, understanding, understanding the essence of the culture, and enhance the ability of students to distinguish between right and wrong, promote the formation of good school spirit.

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