Xining Chaoyang Street office community parent child activities parents like dolls

June 10th, a burst of laughter from the provincial capital of Menyuan Road No. 42 families courtyard, Chaoyang North Street office and community to carry out "my Chaoyang my home – thick family parent-child activities held here.

"my kids don’t like to talk, this activity can exercise the child’s social skills, very good." Participate in the activities of the small beautiful mother said. The community held the parent-child game is divided into four sections, respectively, is the darling of the talent show, parents quiz, a running and blowing the candle leggings.

this activity provides a platform for parents and children to communicate, close the relationship between the neighborhood, and enhance the team spirit of cooperation in the event." Cheng Zhaohui, director of the mountains and rivers community, said the event increased the feelings of children and parents, so that parents learn how to better communicate and communicate with their children.


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