Qinghai specialty goods won the customer business purchases

"what is this wine?" "Organic wine, you can taste." In Qinghai Huzhu highland barley wine Limited by Share Ltd booth, a yellow bottle of organic wine favored by customers. Company general manager Wang Zhaosan said, this is our new product recently developed, organic wine has passed the state certification, in order to make our products, is the use of Sinopec platform, to the country, to seek more cooperation.

8, 30, hosted by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, Sinopec Qinghai petroleum company hosted the Sinopec Qinghai commodity ordering will be held in Xining. From the Sinopec Limited sales system in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hongkong petroleum, joint venture company representatives to participate in the enterprise cooperation and exchange event, Sinopec will purchase 183 million yuan worth of Qinghai specialty goods.

order will be in the exhibition hall, a variety of products with distinctive characteristics of Qinghai. Beef and mutton series, honey, fruit drinks, Chinese wolfberry series, eight eyebrow pig mutual characteristics of agricultural and livestock products available.

this order will be a total of 26 exhibitors in Qinghai Province, the characteristics of the types of goods involved in traditional agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, wine and so on more than 600 kinds of.

"this honey taste pure, health care effect is very good, there are a variety of flavors to choose from, please taste." Orders for the meeting, Qinghai Province Hua Bao apiculture joint-stock company staff constantly approached to booth, many businessmen have taste, consulting.

new products favored, green food is the most sought after. Qinghai Plateau snow product development Limited by Share Ltd responsible person of iron rich said, today I will bring a new order of barley barley tea products, consulting the person also very much, I hope the government to build a fair platform, can make the product sales further, because of the high quality of our products in Qinghai, pure green pollution-free I am confident, bigger and stronger.

Qinghai as the source of Sanjiang enjoy the "Chinese water tower" reputation, rich agricultural resources, mineral resources, cultural resources and ecological resources, tourism resources has nurtured a large number of green, environmental protection, organic plateau specialty brand products, favored by the vast number of consumers. Sinopec is the upper and lower reaches of the integration of large enterprises, with more than 30 thousand gas stations, 25 thousand easyJet convenience stores, but also a large convenience store chain retailers.

orders, Qinghai Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, and with the Qinghai Highland Barley Wine Co. Ltd., Qinghai Shang Gu Yuan Trading Co. Ltd., Qinghai xiaoxiniu biological Dairy Co. Ltd signed a commercial agreement.

it is understood that in recent years, Sinopec of Qinghai petroleum industry as a positive in Youth assistance, in the "Yushu earthquake", "100 enterprises Union hundred villages" and "plateau beautiful countryside construction and village poverty alleviation activities in a positive response, has made an important contribution to the economic and social development in Qinghai.

according to the relevant person in charge, the name of these products will be invited;

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