Xing Hai market will withdraw from the stage of history

to cooperate with the smooth flow of the city and the project also delisting Road, Xing Hai market will be officially removed 21 this month. The original open-air street market will withdraw from the historical stage, converted into an indoor standardized supermarket farmers.

Xing Hai Lu market since its completion, convenient around the daily life of residents, but with the development of city, west district government requirements planning, "12th Five-Year" in three to five years will be the market all street market, a black hole (such as commercial market, market Lane Lane) ban gradually, all into standard farmers market the government built, Xing Hai Lu as an open-air street market market, with the demolition of the city development planning requirements. To this end, the west district government and the Xining real estate group has issued a joint announcement on June 5th, 15 days to market operators to deal with the term of goods, the market will be officially removed 21. In order to protect the interests of businesses is not compromised, the government has also done a lot of coordination, and the new LITE-ON sea farmers supermarket business side to reach a consensus, to the old market of Xing Hai road to give the most favorable conditions. It is reported that the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce approved the construction of the standardization of supermarkets and supermarkets Hing Road, was in June 17th trial operation, from the scale, grade, quality aspects are better than the old market. It is worth mentioning that, Xing Hai supermarket after the farmers put into use, the facilities will be gradually improved. In order to ensure the safety of the people eat safe food, according to the municipal government meat traceability system construction requirements, the public to the supermarket to buy vegetables, meat food if you find the problem, you can find the source of the root cause of the problem. In addition, the supermarket farmers to take the way to cancel the middle of the docking process, from the field directly to the fresh vegetables to the supermarket. (author: Liu Dan Zhang Mei)

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