Xining to carry out foreign affairs specialist training

November 20th, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xining Municipal Foreign Affairs held second foreign affairs office staff training opening ceremony, to study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen as an opportunity to strengthen the Xining municipal foreign affairs cadre team construction, improve the ability and level of foreign affairs to carry out work.

with the development of economic globalization, the importance of foreign affairs is becoming more and more important. Xining is an inland city, must be closely combined with the spirit of the party’s eighteen, increased opening up efforts, further innovation of foreign ideas, gather foreign work force, combined with the visit and reception, vigorously promote Xining, show a good image of Xining and new style, to enhance Xining’s international reputation and influence.

it is reported that the District, county, Commerce Bureau, municipal departments and other departments, as well as more than 100 leading cadres and cadres of foreign affairs attended the training. This training is closely combined with the spirit of the eighteen expansion for the first time the foreign affairs office staff training, invited to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and other departments of the leadership instruction, going abroad (border) centralized training audit approval process and visa requirements, knowledge and knowledge such as cross-strait exchanges, content rich and colorful, compact arrangement, strong pertinence. In order to make the city’s foreign affairs cadres understand the party and the country’s foreign affairs related policies and regulations, and further improve the overall quality of foreign affairs staff and the level of work, promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in various districts and departments need to work, so that Xining City Foreign Affairs to better serve economic and social development in Xining. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)

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