Xining East District to carry out six special action to fight the six


in order to effectively prevent and curb larger production safety accidents, Chengdong district from now started the special rectification action will continue until the end of December. During the period, will strictly implement suspend production for rectification, close banned and punished severely limit the responsibility of the Four Unities enforcement measures, focus on remediation, a number of current outstanding illegal illegal, illegal violations, greatly reduced due to illegal violations of the accident, promote the steady production safety situation has improved.

special action will focus on starting from dangerous chemicals, oil and gas pipelines, transportation, construction, fire and other damage, the damage to oil and gas pipelines, remediation pipeline construction digging luanzuan chaos surrounding the issue; to combat the illegal transportation of hazardous chemicals, remediation unlicensed, filling, transport, illegal modification, certification. Illegal anchored, outsourcing, illegal loading and other issues; combating acts of non qualified construction, renovation layers of subcontracting, illegal subcontracting issues; bus combat illegal trading behavior, remediation unlicensed, super scope, management and speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving and coach nighttime driving violations and other issues. Meeting the requirements of the area of the relevant departments closely combined with the recent deployment of dangerous dust explosion-proof enterprise rectification, road transport of dangerous chemicals safety, hazard remediation of oil and gas pipelines, dangerous chemicals and fireworks special rectification work, to determine the specific content of the region, the industry in the field of the special action. During the operation, the district will develop 6 measures to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification activities, such as record tracking supervision, joint law enforcement, typical exposure, the implementation of a "blacklist" system, "one vote veto", public trial and interviews, warning of a case of double check, according to shutting down etc..

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