Safe Xining intelligent traffic formally launched

In June 9th, "Qinghai province 2015 smart city forum and" peaceful Xining intelligent transportation "launch ceremony," peaceful Xining intelligent transportation project officially launched this will start for Xining city in the future overall construction of intelligent city especially in intelligent transportation have a positive and beneficial attempt, with advanced the benchmark significance in the western region, will greatly facilitate the lives of the people in Xining and travel.

it is reported that the "smart city" concept originated in 2008, is the use of information and communication technology, the sense of key information measurement, analysis, integration of city core operation system, make intelligent response to various needs of the people’s livelihood, including environmental protection, public security, city services, industrial and commercial activities. Make the city managers to identify potential problems in advance, make reasonable decisions, make the city operation and management more effective. Its content covers intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, intelligent education, intelligent transportation and other aspects. This year, the city to "Internet plus" thinking, and strive to build Qinghai’s first intelligent transportation project sponsored by the traffic police department, opened a new pace of smart city construction in our province, to fill the gaps in our province intelligent transportation service.  

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