Small urban lighting project for the night Tim

Recently, the reporter from the Street Municipal Engineering Administration Department learned, through continuous improvement, as of October, the Chinese high slot lane, lane, traffic lane, Saline Lake Lane all sections of the lighting project has completed 100% tasks, lighting project to create the bright beauty show. It is understood that the 2014 street lighting projects are alleyways street reconstruction project, the majority of alleyways mobility intensive, large traffic, construction vehicles do not easily pass, high-altitude vehicles parked inconvenience, and there are security risks in the peak period of construction, the lights are ahead of investigation after a detailed study, determine the traffic and pedestrians are relatively few the time taken, segmentation gradually way street construction demolition and renovation work base. The first street on high lane, the tank lane, traffic lane, Lane Road Saline Lake launched the old and new post demolition lamppost assembly work, and the street foundation casting work; secondly, reconstruction project of Xishan Xishan three lane, two lane, Beidou Palace Street, Lane Huangli shore, Victory Lane Fang Xiang, Zi Xin Xiang, Xiang seven street lanes Street development; at the end of the street, North Yu Jing Xiang Yin Ma, court street lamps were rebuilt installation work. As of October, street lamps have been completed in 2014 to build a small town lighting project. After the completion of the various sections of the road along the bright colors of each other, adding color to the night scene.  

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