The problems of individual school canteens are rectification

The food and drug supervision departments at all levels of the recent area schools (including nurseries) food safety comprehensive supervision and inspection and special treatment, and achieved remarkable results. Most of the schools (including nurseries canteen) can strictly implement the operation regulations, food security capacity has been further improved. But during the inspection found that some schools (including nurseries) problems of online shopping canteen sells packaged food and beverage, canteen fast processing site layout is not reasonable, poor sanitation, tableware disinfection is not standardized, the canteen issued a total of 19 submissions rectification, ordered immediate rectification, ensure the food safety of teachers and students.

the supervision and inspection measures taken are: in accordance with the deployment of the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial and municipal (state), county level three food service food safety supervision departments to formulate management scheme suitable for local conditions, scientific arrangement, centralized supervision and inspection of law enforcement forces; combined with the food safety supervision and quantitative classification management requirements, schools and kindergartens "school canteen food safety objective responsibility" and "catering service unit food safety undertaking" signing rate reached 100%, to further strengthen the schools and childcare institutions is mainly responsible for the school food safety first responsibility consciousness; according to the provincial food and Drug Safety Office on the organization to carry out edible gelatin and gelatin production and processing of food special supervision on the deployment, and part of the food service units and homemade jelly Homemade yogurt sampling inspection, did not find the use of industrial gelatin and gelatin processing problems of food.  

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