Thirty years of reform and opening up of Xining Administration for ndustry and Commerce

  this year, we ushered in the 30 anniversary of reform and opening up, but also ushered in the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to restore the establishment of the organization’s 30 anniversary.

comprehensive quality effectively improve

Since the reform and opening up

, along with the need to perform its regulatory functions, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau focus on improving the quality of cadres, strengthen the education and training of cadres and education to encourage cadres to participate in various forms, so that the overall quality of the workforce has been greatly improved, by 2008, the global system of college education 605 people, accounting for 83%, at the same time, according to law, and civilized law enforcement concept has been established, law enforcement has become more standardized, market supervision of a modern law enforcement power.

function has undergone tremendous changes

with the development of the socialist market system gradually perfect, the administrative department for Industry and commerce work is increasing, strengthen market management laws and regulations have been promulgated, the industrial and commercial administration gradually realized the strategic transformation of legal management from the mandatory management construction of tangible market and the management of tangible market supervision to regional intangible big market, the management of give full play to the functions of management, more and more standardized. Not only straighten out the market order, but also effectively promote the local economic development, industrial and commercial administration has entered a new phase of law, management norms.

escort for local economic development

before 1978, Xining is not the size of the market, a December 1978 first Xing Hai Lu in the West District pilot open market, to 1979 full recovery, the city’s total road, East District of city district west gate, West District, guchengtai three open market. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of market construction in Xining to 2008, the city’s total of 139 commodity trading market, a total investment of 1 billion 909 million yuan, construction area of 1 million and 300 square meters, the annual turnover of 16 billion 360 million yuan.

private operators continue to grow

by the end of 1978 to 1979, Xining, a private enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households only 251, employing 485 people, sales of $150 thousand. Since the reform and opening up, the private economy has been rapid development, to September 2008, Xining city has 6600 private enterprises, employing 181335 people, sales of 11 billion 360 million yuan; 50870 individual industrial and commercial households, employing 126273 people, sales of 12 billion 880 million yuan. Private economy has become a backbone of the development of national economy in Xining. (Shi Yingchun)

north of the city: to build a first-class team of cadres


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