More people on the streets of Xining on the streets of the city

civilized city, we create a civilized outcome of all enjoy……" June 29th, who lives in East Xining city Gao Ruifang Nanchuan Erji community early in the morning and friends rushed to the central square, they want to through the dance form, a city of propaganda to the public. "We want to create a force for the city." Gao Ruifang said.

day "civilized Saturday, you and me in action" as the theme of the "civilized city area Saturday" a city volunteer activities carried out like a raging fire, more and more people, cadres, volunteers took to the streets: to carry out guide pedestrians civilization volunteer service activities in the road traffic; to carry out voluntary service activities to guide the public queue up for the bus in the bus in the main site; the sidewalk to carry out to persuade the public not littering, spitting and through the railings and other volunteer service activities……

the same day, the provincial people’s Congress composed of three deputies volunteer activities has become a civilized Saturday, a highlight of the city’s activities. The clinic, legal aid, policy advice…… Deputies to combine their strengths, give full play to the role of actively participate in the creation of civilized city activities.

it is understood that since May 2010, since the start of Xining city to create a national civilized city, the city area to carry out the rich and colorful theme activities to create a civilized city, the implementation of the three "Wanqianbaishiyi" project, through the unremitting efforts of the whole region, in the city zone has formed mass base to create a national civilized city wide. Urban Civilization Office official said, the city of civilization Saturday event, through extensive and in-depth publicity, to guide more people to actively participate in the creation of the national civilized city. (author: Sheng Nan)

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