How to generate batch within the page to get the long tail word ranking

summed up the three points, then this site as long as you continue to do such a page can have a large number of keywords ranking, but this method is, first, because belong to cheating, a large number of keywords is completely unrelated, second, not actual role.

he is taking a single page optimization operation method, the weight of the inside pages of the theme page love Shanghai will give a higher value.

1. is a single page only a home directory

we first look at a case, this is a Shanghai wedding photography website, on most keywords Shanghai wedding photography are ranked in the top 3, or even to the school network, so the search page keywords joyo贵族宝贝 in high volume of the site was ranked second, is expected to fall in love with the sea from IP there are about 5000 fast every day, we think he exactly how to do read more

Electric ceramic stove Shanghai dragon program navigation website

from the traditional view, positioning for navigation, no matter what the site navigation, just a little on the line, as long as the navigation, navigation fix eyes, then probably do a website to sketch, site construction company, let them help us to design the website and build a good.

4, the search engine is how to treat the site navigation.

but we ignore the following points.


3, website navigation is not good, does not comply with the principle of search engine and user experience, it is likely to be included in the landfill site. read more