The Moroccan Hero Who Avoided Carnage at Stade de France

Rabat –The death toll of the Paris terrorist attacks could have been heavier had it not been for the heroic actions of a stadium guard of Moroccan origin.The man used his judgement to prevent one of the suicide bombers from entering Paris Stade de France.The Moroccan man, identified, as Said Zouheir, told the Wall Street journal that 15 minutes into the friendly match between France and Germany on Friday night in the Paris stadium, one of the attackers attempted to enter the stadium while wearing a vest laden with explosives. But as the attacker was frisked after attempting to access the stadium through the player’s entrance, the security guard discovered that he was carrying explosives and prevented him from entering the premises. The attacker denoted his explosives as he backed away from the security guards.According to French police, the attacker aimed to detonate his explosives inside the stadium in order to cause a deadly stampede.Few minutes later two other attackers, who also aimed to enter the stadium blew themselves up outside the stadium where President François Hollande was attending the match.The attackers planned to carry out the same operation that they carried inside the Bataclan theater.The coordinated attacks that hit several locations across Paris on Friday have claimed the lives of 132 people, and left over 350 people injured. The highest number of casualties was recorded in the Bataclan where three terrorists stormed the theater during a music concert and took people hostage, killing them one by one. At least 86 people died inside the theater.Update French newspaper Le Monde and Libération said on Monday that the news of the security guard who allegedly prevented ISIS terrorists from entering the stadium was inaccurately reported by news outlet all over the world. According to the same sources, the security guard was not on the scene when the attackers tried to enter the stadium.The security guard just told the Wall Street Journal what his colleagues had told him about how one of the attackers was prevented from entering the stadium.Stade de France security guard named Zouheir blocked suicide bomber wearing explosive vest from entering the stadium— Ahmed Al Omran (@ahmed) November 14, 2015 read more