The effect of urban community health service system in our province is obvious

urban community health service system in our province, the effectiveness of community health services gradually recognized by residents. Reporters learned from the provincial health department, the survey showed that residents awareness of community health services, satisfaction increased year by year, reaching 93% and 96%, respectively, there are more than 75% of the residents are willing to seek medical treatment of community health services.

in September 21st, Xining City West District college Lane community health service station, "health education", "women’s health", "chronic disease" "child care" and other files neatly arranged in the filing cabinet. It is understood that the province’s urban community health service institutions in addition to the establishment of health records for community residents, the screening of chronic disease patients unified management, as well as on-site follow-up services. According to the health service station door doctor, before the community health service station to treatment based, and now, it is based on prevention, public health and disease prevention. In addition to routine treatment work, but also to come to do the follow-up health as part of the elderly, to provide medication guidance and family care for psychiatric patients, do psychological counseling, menopause health and child care for women. read more