Hundreds of thousands of refugees in Kenya will go hungry without urgent

Warning that hundreds of thousands of mainly Sudanese and Somali refugees in Kenya will go hungry without immediate donations of cash or food commodities, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today issued an urgent appeal for $9 million to tide them over for the next six months. “Less and less food has been reaching refugee families,” WFP Country Director Tesema Negash said. “Instead of 26 kilos of food for two weeks, a family of three now has to make do with 23 kilos. It will get continually worse unless contributions come forward urgently.” WFP urgently needs the donations to avoid further reductions in food aid for the 224,000 refugees living in Kenya. Food rations were already cut by 12 per cent in November, when the agency ran out of wheat flour, a staple. Other food supplies will start to run out by mid-March, and by April, WFP will have exhausted all available commodities for the refugees. “Each time we reduce food rations in the camps, we see the level of malnutrition increase and the refugees become more vulnerable to disease. We do not want to see this happen again,” Mr. Negash said. Refugees in Kenya are mainly from war-torn Sudan and Somalia. By law they are confined to camps in Kakuma and Dadaab, in northern and eastern Kenya, which are areas of chronic poverty. The harsh and impoverished environment around the camps means they are highly unlikely to find jobs or any other means of feeding themselves. read more

UN envoy strongly condemns wave of attacks across Iraq

“I strongly condemn the heinous attacks and the senseless violence that, once again, have claimed dozens of lives,” the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Martin Kobler, said in a news release.According to media reports, a series of attacks in 11 cities on Sunday killed more than 50 people and injured more than 200 others. The attacks reportedly targeted Iraqi security forces, police recruits and markets, and involved both bombs and attacks by gunmen. “My thoughts are with all those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one today, and I wish a speedy recovery to those who were wounded,” Mr. Kobler added in the news release. read more

Andrej Klimovets signed for MT Melsungen

Andrej KlimovetsMT Melsungen ← Previous Story Season in Germany begins with Super Cup (Tuesday – 20h) Next Story → HSV won first trophy – Super Cup 2010! A very experienced line player, Andrej Klimovets (36) is found a new team – MT Melsungen. With a team from lower part of Handball Bundesliga standings, former World Champion with a National team of Germany (2007) signed one year contract (until 2011).  He is born in Gomel, Belarus, where he played for local club and also,Belarus NT (112 games), after he moved to Germany, where he became a worldwide star and took German passport. He played for Rheinland, SG Flensburg and Rhein Neckar Lowen. read more