Thirty years of reform and opening up of Xining Administration for ndustry and Commerce

  this year, we ushered in the 30 anniversary of reform and opening up, but also ushered in the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to restore the establishment of the organization’s 30 anniversary.

comprehensive quality effectively improve

Since the reform and opening up

, along with the need to perform its regulatory functions, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau focus on improving the quality of cadres, strengthen the education and training of cadres and education to encourage cadres to participate in various forms, so that the overall quality of the workforce has been greatly improved, by 2008, the global system of college education 605 people, accounting for 83%, at the same time, according to law, and civilized law enforcement concept has been established, law enforcement has become more standardized, market supervision of a modern law enforcement power. read more