World AIDS Day – ICMM members combat the disease and the stigma

first_imgMany of the world’s largest mining companies are engaged in individual initiatives and partnerships to combat HIV/AIDS, from providing for employee testing to community peer educator programs and from providing workplace and family treatment plans to funding cutting-edge research. ICMM President Tony Hodge: “A number of mining companies have shown leadership on the need to tackle HIV/AIDS. Mining has an important role to play in ensuring that the epidemic is brought under control, and that people can live and work with HIV and without stigma”.ICMM recently launched a Good Practice Guidance on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a disease management tool aimed at mine site managers and health practitioners, in recognition of the fact that the mining and metals industry is in a strong position to influence the course of these diseases, since it works in regions where they constitute a serious problem. The business case for doing so is strong, centred round employee well-being and positive financial impacts for companies.World Gold Council has today launched a report, “Safeguarding Workplace and Community Health”, which highlights the efforts of four of its member companies – also ICMM members – against the disease across Africa and Asia. This report references the new ICMM Good Practice Guidance.Four ICMM members have joined over 100 companies in signing a memorandum of understanding with the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria for World AIDS day: a non-discrimination pledge to end stigma attached to HIV/AIDS in the workplace. Other member companies have ongoing engagements with the Global Business Coalition to combat HIV/AIDS.Supporting materials:ICMM Good Practice Guidance on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Gold Council “Safeguarding Workplace and Community Health”: Full reportCase study 1: study 2: more case studies and information, visit the ICMM website, or contact Fernanda Diez, [email protected]last_img read more