Its Fridayso heres a slideshow of things that will please you

first_imgIS THERE ANYTHING better than pictures of people wearing silly things in the rain?Maybe photos of men on stilts? Or a baby tapir making its debut in a mucky zoo?Examples of real-life, grown men running around with broomsticks between their legs could come close too (it took a huge effort to keep that sentence clean). As could images of Robert Downey Jr acting the maggot in Munich.Then there are politicians getting caught flicking through magazines and playing with their iPhones when they are meant to be listening to Very Important People talk about Very Important Things.There is stiff competition really for what the best thing ever is. And we haven’t even mentioned people falling over yet.So, it is a rare day in Internet heaven that ALL OF THESE THINGS are captured by professional photographers. But it happened today people. And we are all over it. Enjoy!last_img read more