Oneman crime spree gets time served

A 34-year-old Brantford man, who used an online credit card hacking application to scam stores out of more than $15,000, has spent most of the last year in jail getting sober.Daniel Brent Tenant, 33, was a “one-man crime spree,” said Justice Kathleen Baker as she sentenced Tenant to time served, giving him credit for spending the equivalent of 411 days in jail.“It was a brazen undertaking and the amounts involved were not minuscule” Baker said recently in Brantford’s Ontario Court. “The circumstances are quite aggravating.”Tenant operated with impunity for more than a year, repeatedly visiting stores in Cambridge, Guelph, Orangeville and Kitchener, until he was snagged speeding in Simcoe.It took almost 10 minutes in court to read out the 20 charges to which Tenant pleaded guilty.  And those were whittled down from more than 70 charges he originally faced.“I feel like an idiot,” Tenant told the judge.“I had eight years without getting into trouble. I’ve been sober for nine months now and feel great. I don’t want to fall back into that pattern.”Tenant’s credit card crimes began in January 2017 in a convenience store in Renton, east of Simcoe, where he got snacks, drinks, prepaid gift cards and lottery tickets. He told the clerk he didn’t have a physical credit card but knew the number and entered it into the system.He was able to walk out with $1,394 worth of goods. He later sent his friends to play the same scam, bilking the store out of more than $4,500.Three weeks later, the store owner was told by Visa that the credit card numbers were stolen and the store was charged for the purchases.Tenant used his system again in December 2017. He visited a video gaming store in Guelph four times on Dec. 14, four times on Dec. 18 and three times on Dec. 20, charging amounts of $200 to $1,100 to fraudulent credit card numbers.He did the same thing in Georgetown on Boxing Day.In February 2018, Tenant defrauded a variety store in Cambridge of $2,680. The following month, still in Cambridge, he  bilked a pawn shop for more than $2,000, a high-end bike store for almost $1,000, a clothing store for more than $1,500 and a pizza shop for $150.In Kitchener, Tenant defrauded a convenience store of several thousand dollars.Tenant occasionally was stymied by suspicious store clerks.At a Cambridge hardware store, he tried to pay for $857 worth of tools but left when pressed for identification. At another store, the card number he used was declined.He was identified through photos and surveillance videos at most of the stores.On March 7 last year, Tenant and a female accomplice were caught on video breaking into the compound of Aecon Mining and Construction on Elgin Street in Brantford, setting off a silent alarm.Officers followed the pair toward nearby train tracks and, while the woman ran away, Tenant stopped and co-operated with police. He had a stolen grinder in his backpack and eight spools of wire stacked by a hole in the fence.Released on bail, Tenant and a friend used a stolen credit card number to buy items at an Orangeville clothing store.On April 21,  Norfolk provincial police caught Tenant speeding on Queensway East in Simcoe. Police discovered that Tenant was unlicensed, his vehicle tag had expired and there was an outstanding warrant for him.During a search, the officers found cash, gift cards, a gas-powered BB gun under the driver’s seat, cellphones, lottery tickets, two prohibited knives, brass knuckles and drugs, including methamphetamine, a few hydromorphone pills and powdered and liquid fentanyl.After that, Tenant stayed in jail and waited as the justice system gathered together his crimes from the various jurisdictions.“He stayed in jail because he wanted to clean up his act,” said his lawyer, Dale Henderson.Henderson said Tenant was a successful concrete finisher but, after two back surgeries, became addicted to his prescribed painkiller, Oxycontin.In court, Tenant pleaded guilty to 13 counts of fraud, break and enter, possession of break-in instruments, failure to appear in court, possession of a dangerous weapon, driving while suspended, and possession of fentanyl and hydromorphone.Henderson, assistant Crown attorney Michael Dean and federal prosecutor Kevin McGilly all agreed Tenant had saved the court multiple long trials by pleading guilty. They said an appropriate sentence was his time served.“On the flip side, many of these businesses are at a significant loss,” said Dean. “And it’s concerning the seeming ease with which Mr. Tenant carried out these operations, going back to the same stores multiple times each day.”[email protected]@EXPSGamble read more