Guide the rapid rise of social electricity supplier profit

said, as the representative of the social network based on the development of shopping or shopping guide platform is in the beautiful race each other, with Taobao and VANCL, Jingdong as the representative of the traditional electricity providers have begun to layout. Based on the Taobao Taobao wow, where the customer Eslite mall, Master Jingdong Jingdong enjoy etc.. Social e-commerce and traditional business platform cooperation, mainly by the customer to transfer the traditional electronic business platform, in the commodity transaction, in accordance with the proportion returning certain acquisition proceeds, or is the use of precision advertising marketing platform. read more

Taobao shop owner to receive the first business license will be taxed

yesterday, the new policy in Guangdong province to encourage the shop for business registration was promulgated, one from Zhaoqing’s Taobao owner Su Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the province to the province’s first industry association office address. "According to a multi site for business licenses, since this is the first implementation of the new policy, the industrial and commercial registration shop.

shop tax is a trend

Deputy director of the province of

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Qian Yongcheng said that in recent years, online shopping complaints every year more than 150% of the rate increase, false advertising, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, fraud, online marketing has become a major problem of online shopping complaints reflect. Urgent need to regulate network transactions. To this end, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau made "on a number of opinions" to encourage and support the healthy development of our province network products and related services, and by the provincial Legislative Affairs Office for examination and approval, recently issued a formal implementation. read more

B2B rapid development of China’s network library or will become sixth listed companies

as one of the many modes of e-commerce B2B in the country after 12 years of development, has now formed a larger scale, there is a blowout trend. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center survey data show that in 2008 China’s e-commerce market turnover reached 3 trillion and 150 billion yuan, of which B2B turnover reached $3 trillion. In the electronic commerce mode in B2B was the earliest and the most rapid development, has given birth to as Alibaba, Netsun (known as the first Internet China shares), HC, global resources and Chinese manufacturing net 5 e-commerce company. read more